Algunos pensamientos sobre la Comedia de Kazantzakis


  • Roberto Quiroz Pizarro Universidad de Chile


The author studies some aspects of the Kazantzakis' play Comedy Tragedy in one act, written in 1909. "This work upsets us with the spectacle of the total sacrifice, the hopeless wait, the agony of man, the abyss of death, and nihilism." The study consist of three sections andan introduction.The first reading's title is COMEDY, A COMPARATIVE DRAFT, in which the author draws a parallel between this play and Sartre's HillS CLOS and Beckett's WAITING POR GODOT.There is a second reading EXISTENCIALISM ANTE LITTERAM. Here, we find an analysis of the play's characteristics, which place it into the existentialist current. Final!y, the third reading ABYSS ANO FAITH examines certain aspects present in the play, which could be called theological.