Imágenes bizantinas del s. X en Liutprando de Cremona. Discurso, memoria y poder


  • Patricio Zamora Navia Universidad de Chile


Liutprando of Cremona is, without a doubt, one of the most remarkable writters in 10th century, un West. As ambassador, first of Berengario and after oton 1, he had the opportunity to visit Constantinople. The testimonies of their embassies, consigned in two works - Antapodosis and Legatio -, reveal diverse Byzantine images that, from the point of view of the theoretical and symbolic analysis of the power, allow severa! interpretative levels. The author stops in the analysis of the speech that generales the story of Liutprando, establishing the presence of two categories of power. The verbalized power whose expression is the adjetival narration of its experience and the oppositions of images (Oriente/Occidente); and the represented power, embodied in the palace liturgy, essential componen! of the Byzantine kratofanía.