Epistolario vital de un escritor: Nikos Kazantzakis. Antología de cartas, cuadernos, , escritos y anotaciones breves


  • Roberto Quiroz Pizarro Universidad de Chile


The document and materials that have allowed us to couple a wide epistolary geography of Nikos kazantzakis, can be divided in three main sources, different in their emotional disposition and equally different in the gestation periods. a) Epistolés pros Galatia, (Cartas a Galatea). Letters for Galatea, published later on in 1958, by Yanis Gudelis, of Difros editions. The set of letters include some 80, with some post cards, all dated between 1920 and 1923 (the marriage of Galatea an Kazantzakis had been formalized in 1911. They had met one year before). Kazantzakis writes to his first wife from the most varied latitudes. b) Tetrakosia grámata tu Kazantzaki ston Prevelaki, (Cuatrocientas cartas de Kazantzakis a Prevelakis). Some four hundreds letters of Kazantzakis to his friend Prevelakis. They are in fact 442 epistoles of Kazantzakis and four (443- to 446) written by his second wife, Heleni. The friendship between both writers was a great incentive. For that reason, their correspondence includes diverse periods when Kazantzakis was living in Greece and alroad . c) Le Dissident Biographie de Nikos Kazantzaki, (El Disidente Biografía de Nikos Kazantzakis). Compilation published in 1968, by Heleni. To elaborate it, their author coud have other personal documents of Kazantzakis: notes, diaries and letters. The final summary includes diverse mails, with his family, friends, and Greek and foreigners intellectuals.